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 Timeline, Last Updated: March 10th, 2018
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Posted on: Mar 10 2018, 02:11 AM
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Dream a little dream of me.
In the beginning... There were six ingots known as Infinity Stones, concentrated forms of cosmic energy unparalleled in the galaxy. They were so powerful that when forged into new artifacts, these artifacts could change the galaxy. If they were to be combined together...the wielder would control infinity itself...

1934: Johann Schmidt, head of HYDRA, a high-tech science division within Nazi Germany, captures Abraham Erskine to work on a super soldier serum for the Nazis.

Schmidt injects himself with the serum prototype, which disfigures him. Peggy Carter rescues Erskine, and he continues his work in the US alongside Howard Stark.

Johann Schmidt, now known as the Red Skull, steals the Tesseract (which houses the Space Infinity Stone). Steve Rogers is successfully transformed via the super soldier serum into Captain America.

1945: Steve Rogers’ best friend, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is lost in battle with HYDRA. Red Skull and Captain America do battle in a large airship with Tesseract-charged bombs meant to start the world anew. The Tesseract goes out of control and sends Red Skull through a portal into the unknown. In order to stop the airship, Steve Rogers willing goes down with the vessel.

1948: In the wake of World War II, SHIELD is founded as global peacekeeping and intelligence organization connected to the United Nations and privately funded by major countries and individuals. They are a neutral entity, not even considered a member of the United Nations, though subject to review by them. They worked alongside a World Security Council within the United Nations.

1949: HYDRA is rebuilt in the form of sleeper agents within SHIELD and small covert sects of researchers, scientists, and powerful businessmen.

1970s: The island nation of Genosha declares its independence, but begins the mistreatment of their mutant population. Mutants are enslaved, stripped of all rights, taken from their families, kept in work camps, tortured, and forced to work in deplorable conditions that lead to some dying from the strain. Young Erik Lehnsherr is among one of the first mutants subjected to this treatment.

Erik Lehnsherr leads a revolt of the mutant population against the Genoshan government. As a result, the country becomes destabilized. Eventually, Erik is forced to flee.

1988: The Ravagers, a group of honorable, if rough, thieves, abduct Peter Quill to take him to his father but instead decide to make him one of their own rather than take him to whatever life awaited him

2004: Together, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr open the doors of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning to mutants of all ages. The first class roster, both students and faculty, includes Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Robert “Bobby” Drake, Warren Worthington III, and Henry Hank McCoy, among others.

Heroes across the world begin emerging and getting involved in the world and with them, supervillains. Tony Stark comes back from Afghanistan with shrapnel and an Arc Reactor in his chest, now the hero Iron-Man. Thor and Loki, Asgardian brothers and demi-gods by Earth’s standards, use Earth as a battleground. Dr. Bruce Banner joins the Bio-Tech Enhancement Project, which is based on WWII's Project Rebirth. He experiments on himself, which leads to him becoming The Hulk and going on the run.

Doctor Victor Von Doom conquers his home country of Latveria and begins to remake it in his new iron armored image.

Captain America's frozen body is retrieved from the Arctic and thawed, along with the Tesseract that had been frozen with him. With assistance from SHIELD, the Avengers are formed and fight Loki after he came for the Tesseract, wielding a scepter given to him by the cosmic warlord Thanos. This Scepter contains the Mind Infinity Stone. This cosmic battle gives rise to new space initiatives: SWORD and the Cosmic Ray Research Project. In the wake of the battle the Avengers decide that Thor should take the Tesseract to Asgard for safe-keeping while they hold onto the Scepter.

2011: The X-Men begin operating out of the Xavier Institute, secretly protecting innocent mutants and going after threats from both mutants and against mutantkind. After their differences in philosophies lead to a boiling point, Erik Lehnsherr departs the Xavier Institute to form a group of mutant supremacists in his own image which he calls the Brotherhood of Mutants.

2012: A scientific space mission is launched by NASA as part of the Cosmic Ray Research Project carrying scientists Reed Richards & Sue Storm as well as pilots Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. They are inundated with these cosmic rays after their vessels shielding failed and are transformed into four super-powered beings who become known as the Fantastic Four. As Earth begins getting even more cosmic encounters, they work with the US government to deal with cosmic-powered situations or scientific supervillains as they arise, clashing repeatedly with Doctor Doom who works to use these new discoveries to his advantage.

Tanaleer Tivan, the Elder of the Universe known as the Collector, comes into possession of the Aether, an energy form of the Reality Infinity Stone.

SHIELD’s new division, SWORD, is launched with a new space station that orbits the planet and acts as lookout, observatory, and stopping point for cosmic allies. SHIELD discovers the HYDRA infiltration and their hidden survival and growth across the decades. HYDRA attempts to take control of all of SHIELD’s powerful assets.

Although it requires burning most of the organization’s resources to the ground and losing many agents, SHIELD manages to defeat HYDRA before they can launch helicarriers that could kill millions in minutes. SHIELD begins to rebuild and restructure, fighting HYDRA whenever possible. They build a new base out of the secret SHIELD location “The Playground” in northern California.

The World Security Council is disbanded and SHIELD loses its country-based funding, instead relying on investments made by SHIELD leaders over the years and individual donations to remain open, as such their ability to rebuild has diminished dramatically. They still work alongside the United Nations but with less supervision than before.

2014: Peter Quill, now known as the adventurer Star Lord, ends up making a group of unlikely allies after he discovers an Orb containing the Power Infinity Stone. Battling the Kree Empire to keep it from them as well as keep it from Thanos, he eventually turns it over to the peacekeeping Nova Corps, and with his new friends form the Guardians of the Galaxy, galactic heroes for hire.

2015: The Avengers are given official partnership status with the United Nations, allowing them more access to international resources and intelligence to combat supervillain threats. In exchange, the UN gets a direct line to the Avengers for help with disasters and attacks.

2016: The X-Men expand their roster and grow, establishing Gold Team and Blue Team. They deal with constant anti-mutant threats and mutant problems like the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood of Mutants returns to Genosha and begin turning the public consciousness to their side as Erik Lehnsherr is hailed as a hero. Doctor Stephen Strange, a surgeon turned mystic, comes into possession of the Eye of Agamotto, which contains the Time Infinity Stone, and manages to use it to stop the dark lord Dormammu from one of his many plots to consume the Earth.

2017: Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, a long-time antagonist of the Hulk, is now Secretary of State under President Matthew Ellis. Believing SHIELD and the Avengers need to be brought in check, he sponsors multiple programs for increased control and consequences for them but is largely unsuccessful due to their special connections to the United Nations. He also begins campaigning for the creation of US-sponsored superhero-powered teams, even going so far as to mention the idea of using the program to “rehabilitate” criminals.

2018: The Avengers decide to expand their reach by creating a new base of operations outside of Los Angeles. They split the team in half, protecting each coast. At the same time, a group of young adults have banded together, calling themselves the Young Avengers. Although the Avengers know of the YA’s activities, they don’t stop them right away. Some of the members have connections with the Avengers, easing the relationship between the groups, even if several older Avengers are concerned about people that young fighting big threats.

HYDRA is locked in an internal war between the old regime lead by the granddaughter of Red Skull, Sinthea Schmidt, and the modern SHIELD-inspired tactical forces lead by Ophelia Sarkissian, also known as HYDRA’s Viper, an elite assassin. Their struggle with each other is seen across the world as heroes try to stop their arms race.

Odin has gone missing from Asgard, and Loki has taken the throne with Thor working with the Avengers on Earth, unaware of his father’s disappearance. The Asgardian goddess of death, Hela, begins a strange quest for answers, while mystical energy signatures begin appearing across the Earth.

Nebula, one of the “daughters of Thanos”, leads a pirate group, trying to gather the power to fight and kill her “father”. Thanos pays her no mind, letting his lieutenant Corvus Glaive lead his Black Order to combat her and continue to enforce Thanos’ strength across the galaxy. Thanos himself has been studying the recent appearances of the Infinity Stones, realizing that decades of planning has finally lead to the pieces falling into place: it was time to forge the Infinity Gauntlet.
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