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 Rules, Last Updated: April 2nd, 2018
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Rule Book

Last updated April 2nd, 2018


Marvel: Ascension is a fresh start site inspired by the Marvel Comics & Marvel Cinematic Universe. Separate from either the comics universe or the MCU, there will be new storylines unfolding for players to participate in as well as personal plotting with each other. All canon characters must come from the 616 comics or MCU but as long as the core spirit and traits of the character remains intact, you have freedom to adapt them to how you see them fitting into this world.

General Guidelines

Marvel: Ascension has an RPG Rating of 333, however the general tone is meant to be PG-13. As such, while heavy language, sexual situations, and extreme violence are allowed, they are not the intended focus. All threads that could or do contain these above the PG-13 level should also be labeled in the topic title as M-L, M-S, M-V, etc.

Ascension is intermediate-advanced with no word count, we want to focus on quality and providing fellow roleplayers with enough to reply. In general, we also recommend that you try to keep your number of threads manageable to where you can reply to your threads at least once every two weeks. Obviously, everyone has lives and things come up so this isn’t a hard rule.

We have an integrated posting template and do not allow custom ones. In the first post of all IC threads, please put the date that the thread takes place. We have [date][/date] tags to put them in so they stand out. All posts should usually be in 3rd-person past tense. Flashbacks or similar type of moments have more freedom.

Inappropriate behavior or any form of harassment on site, in the C-Box or on our Discord may result in being kicked or banned. We are all here to write and have fun together. Metagaming or godmodding in-character will not be tolerated. When it comes to other players' characters, you must have consent to do anything that directly affects them.

Please talk to Staff about very dramatic plots such as pregnancies, kidnappings, torture, brainwashing, maiming, death and others like these. This is so that we can keep informed of important events, as well as make sure that these plots are not overused and sensitive issues are handled respectfully and with maturity.

Joining & Applying

Please register an OOC account first, which you will be able to use as a parent account to link all of your character accounts to. You must be at least 18 years old to join Marvel: Ascension.

When registering a character account, it should be: First Name Last Name.

If a character commonly goes by a nickname, you may use that instead (such as Tony Stark and Bobby Drake). If a character only has one name they go by (such as Vision or Gamora), you do not need to include a Last Name.

We accept canons that have existed in the 616 Comics and/or MCU, as well as original characters that fit into Ascension’s setting. Please check out our Canon List before applying.

All human-based characters must be at least 18 with exceptions made to clones, androids, and the like when allowed.


Characters on Ascension are expected to have a minimum of 4 posts per month to remain active. This requirement will be adjusted for the first month the character is played based on when they were approved.

Every month around the 12th, we’ll contact all players that have any characters that fail to meet this requirement. The first time will be a warning, the second time you will be asked to drop the character or another character if you play multiple. Exceptions may be made due to leaves of absence or other extenuating circumstances, but these will be approached on a case-by-case basis.

If we do not receive a reply regarding warned characters within a week of sending the warning, those characters will be considered inactive and will be archived and the player will need to contact Staff to have the character restored. Any face claims and canons will be made available again.

Character Limits & Reservations

You may start with 2 characters, we only require 1 IC post with your first character before you apply for your second character.

The requirements for additional characters are as follows:
3rd Character: 20 combined posts with at least 5 posts per character.
4th Character: 40 combined posts with at least 6 posts per character.
5th Character: 60 combined posts with at least 7 posts per character.
6th Character: 80 combined posts with at least 8 posts per character.

You may reserve canon characters when first sign-ing up, or when the number of posts you have remaining before you can pick up another character is equal to the number of characters you have (for example: 3 posts left when reserving your 4th character.)

You have one week from when you reserve a character (by reservation or application) to complete the application. After one week has passed, if not complete, the application will be archived and the character will be available for someone else to pick up. You will not be able to reserve or apply for another character for a week the first time this occurs, and then two weeks for every time after that. Reserving a character and not completing them just prevents someone else from taking them.

Face Claims & Graphics

All characters must have a face claim, except for characters which are unable to be represented with humans, such as Rocket Raccoon and Groot. All face claims should be professional people (ex. Actors, models, athletes, musicians).

Face claims must be at least 18 and can be reserved here. You may reserve a face at the same time you are able to reserve a canon character (see above). If your canon appeared in the MCU you are not required to use the MCU’s actor, however it is recommended when playing a similar version of the character.

For character accounts: Avatars are 220x400 and must be of your Play-By.
Mini-Profile Gifs/Images are individually listed in your profile. They can be of your Play-By or a costumed representation of your character from the comics if wanted.
Signatures are not allowed.
For player accounts, you can use whatever images you like so long as they are appropriate and are within the correct sizes.

Temp Bans and Warnings

Anyone found breaking the rules as listed above, or otherwise circumventing the intent of the rules as they are written, will be liable to have their account temporarily banned, and a warning issued. Continued issuance of Temp-Bans and/or warnings may result in a perma-ban.


Repeated offenses, or otherwise disrupting behavior on the site will result in a permanent ban. The site, Marvel: Ascension is here as a means of fun and entertainment. If you do anything to remove that factor from other players, please be aware that a perma-ban is the final resolution to disruptive behavior.

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