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 Ororo Munroe, Storm | X-Men | 36
Ororo Munroe
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Ororo MunroePlayed by Naomi CampbellGeneral InformationCitizenship: U.S., Kenyan, Egyptian, WakandanLanguages: English, Arabic, Swahili, Russian, Japanese, YorubaPlace of Birth: New York City, USACurrent Location: Salem Center, NYOccupation: Superhero, teacherAffiliations: X-MenStormX-MenFemaleHeterosexual3627/07/19815'11"145 lbsAppearanceEye Color: BlueHair Color: IvoryDistinguishing Features: While using her powers, Ororo's eyes develop a bio-luminescent white glow, with no visible pupilsPersonalityCompassionateRegalCommandingHaughtyLikes: Flying through the heavens, gardening, teaching, readingDislikes: Small, enclosed spaces; imperialism; injustice; sufferingDreams: That mutants will one day cease to endure suffering and injustice at the hands of bigoted irrationalists.Fears: That more persecution will befall mutantkind. That despire her best efforts and that of her colleagues, young mutants will inherit a world more hateful than ever before.Abilities & SkillsControl over Weather and all Associated PhenomenaOverview: Ororo’s connection to the natural world enables her to ‘tap into’ local weather patterns in order to affect atmospheric pressure, wind, electromagnetic phenomenon (lightning, thunder), as well as all forms of precipitation, humidity, moisture, and temperature for a range of desired effects. For the most part, given her tenure training with Ainet in her homeland of the Serengeti, as well as experience in using them, Ororo is at the apex of her potential, though that is not to say stretching her powers or immense use of them is not taxing or deadly.The application of her powers can range from simply summoning lightning bolts, thunder, rainfall, wind, altering atmospheric conditions to both defend herself and attack adversaries, to wide-scale manipulation of local weather patterns, including thunderstorms, snowstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and monsoons. Ororo’s control over moisture also enables her to use that of which found in the air in order to affect the humidity of tropical environments, used in association with her thermokinesis as she has no influence over meteorological phenomena produced by the Sun. In addition to this, she is also capable of manipulating moisture, wherein she drops the temperature of gathered hydrogen atoms in order to cause an instant flash freeze.Electromagnetic force manipulation: Electromagnetic force manipulation: A sub-power of her Atmokinesis, Ororo is able to manipulate the Earth’s natural electromagnetic forces in such a way that she can summon lightning to both strike, blind, and destroy her enemies. She has absolute control over the power of this, and her bolts can range from simple displays of electromagnetic energy (the lightning we are used to witnessing) to summoned bolts of lightning, and even chain lightning of which emanates from her fingertips, a result of channelling of ambient electromagnetic energies stored in her body. The aforementioned enables Ororo to manipulate the electrical impulses in a person’s brain, resulting in violent seizure (by cascading them). Though she is able to affect some elements of the electromagnetic spectrum, Ororo is unable to affect the fundamental magnetic forces of the planet, and she cannot by any means control electricity in the same way as an electrokinetic.Aerokinesis: Again, a sub-power of her Atmokinesis, Ororo can generate, manipulate and control not just wind, but also the air itself. In tandem with her ability to affect temperature, she is able to utilise this power to irritate air molecules to induce heat of varying degree. She is also able to affect air pressure (vacuums, etc) in order to trap and immobilise her enemies (the extent of this ability includes fiddling with the air pressure inside a person’s eardrums to induce severe pain and reduced equilibrium). Finally, she is able to ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ the environment through the wind, though this ability only extends as far as perceiving an area of space and the weight/mass of objects in her locale.Thermokinesis: As per her control over the weather, Ororo is able to gravely reduce and heighten the temperature of her immediate environment. (An implication of this ability also includes affecting humidity and heat in tandem with her control over moisture). Ultimately, Ororo is capable of affecting the temperature of any locale, though cannot do so in the vacuum of space, or any other given vacuum.Immunity to extreme temperatures and climates: Self-explanatory; Ororo’s body naturally compensates for losses/rises in temperature i.e. increased body heat in the cold and reduced body heat in the warmth. She is also able to breathe normally despite the velocity she is travelling at and is able to withstand varying levels of air friction and air pressure. These immunities are only valid in the use of her own powers, and she can be otherwise affected by thermokinetics.Telepathic resistance: Through years of practice and experience, Ororo has developed a monumentally strong will, demanded itself by the sheer grandiose act of manipulating the weather. Because of this -- and because of the electrical forces she unconsciously controls -- Ororo is highly resistant (not immune) to even the most powerful of telepaths. Ecological Psychic Link with Earth's BiosphereOverview: As per her connection to the forces of nature, there is also an empathic and psychic element to Ororo's abilities. For example, Ororo can sense disturbances in the natural ecological order. Another example of this ability includes 'feeling' the X-Mansion's Blackbird aircraft flying through the air and being able to locate its precise location. In addition to this, she has also shown the ability to detect a dying tree in the grounds of the Xavier Institute, objects in various atmospheric mediums such as water, and even the natural velocity of a hurricane in another part of the world.Perceiving weather as energy: As per her connection to the planet itself, Ororo is capable of perceiving the world through energy patterns, from which she can manipulate forces more efficiently through redirecting thermal, kinetic and electromagnetic energies. She is also able to pinpoint her geographical location through interpreting such energy patterns, and can even perceive the body's nervous system as energy.WeaknessesSkillsOroro's most defining weakness is her chronic claustrophobia following an attack by Israeli forces that left her parents dead and her buried underneath rubble for three entire days. Though she has since made progress in overcoming this fear, it can at times force her to relive the trauma of the memory, leaving Ororo totally and completely hopeless.Ultimately, Ororo is limited by her own mortality, and channelling too much ambient energy (body heat compensation, generating extraordinarily vast lightning bolts, etc) can burn out her body and result in death. In addition to this, more grandiose manipulations such as full-fledged storms of any given nature (especially hurricanes – the power required to effect such phenomenon can often leave her comatose) are colossal and can leave her fatigued.Ororo’s greatest limitation, however, is the need to restrain her emotions at all times. Ororo’s emotional state must be regulated in order to prevent violent destruction to her environment, meaning that powerful telepaths capable of breaking through her natural resistance can be very troublesome as they would potentially wield not just the entirety of nature as a weapon, but also the fate of Ororo's very life.Born leader: Commanding and level-headed, Ororo -- perhaps through having to mature and adapt at an early age -- is a natural leader, capable of employing tactical, strategic, defensive and offensive measures in almost all situations.Expert combatant: Following her time on the streets of Cairo as a street urchin, Ororo is trained in some forms of martial arts and is accomplished in hand-to-hand combat, having been taught by her foster father during her tenure in a thieves' guild. Ororo's agility also makes her a formidable opponent.Lock-picking: Again a result of her time as a street thief. Ororo is an expert at lock-picking and has some skills in escape artistry.Superb thief: Accomplished thief; survived on the streets of Cairo for several years pick-pocketing tourists as part of a thieves’ guild. She is also incredibly adept at understanding and sneaking past advanced security systems and has great dexterity in her mouth, hands and toes, affording her immense swiftness and efficiency.Experienced pilot: As an X-Man, Ororo has been flying the Blackbird for many years, including many other forms of advanced aircraft.BackstoryConnectionsParents: David Munroe, father (deceased); N'Daré Munroe, mother (deceased); Ainet, foster mother (alive); Achmed El Gibár, foster father (alive)Siblings: N/AOther Relatives: Ayesha of Balebedu, ancestor (deceased); Ashake of Egypt, ancestor (deceased); Ashake of Meroë, ancestor (deceased)Relationship Status: SingleRelationship: N/AClose Friends: Jean Grey, Yukio, Charles Xavier, Kurt Wagner, Piotr Rasputin, Kitty Pryde, Logan HowlettTeammates/Co-Workers: X-MenRivals/Enemies: Erik Lehnsherr, Amahl Farouk, Callisto, Nathaniel Essex, anyone that would seek to oppress or enslave any person(s).Timeline Born in New York City to American photojournalist David Munroe and N’Daré, the princess of a Kenyan tribe, Ororo spent the first six months of her life in New York City before emigrating with her parents to Cairo, Egypt, at just six months old. Five years later, following an aeroplane crash by their home in the city during the Arab-Israeli conflict, her parents died, but she survived, buried under a pile of rubble in the wreckage. These events led to the severe claustrophobia that still plagues Ororo to this very day. Now a homeless orphan with nothing but the clothes on her back and her mother's ancestral ruby, Ororo spent the next seven years of her life as a thief/street urchin on the streets of Cairo as a member of a thieves’ guild, under the tutelage/care of a local crime lord, who taught her how to survive on the rough city streets. After having pick-pocketed Charles Xavier, Ororo eventually escaped the thieves' guild after twelve years and migrated south through the desert from Egypt to her Kenya. Once there, Ororo traversed the plains and returned to her homeland at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro, where she became mothered by Ainet, who taught her how to use and control her powers. While initially being worshipped by tribes and residents of her homeland as a goddess, Ororo began to use her powers in order to alter farming and the harvest, essentially becoming feared and revered in the community. Soon, she is approached by Charles Xavier who informs her that she is not a goddess, but instead a mutant. Leaving Africa, Ororo relocates to Salem Center, NY, where she joins the X-Men and remains for the foreseeable future to serve on a team assembled by Charles Xavier.OOC InformationJack23He/himGMT (UK)RP Sample:The boundless heights of the night sky -- more so her domain than the Earth below. There had been nothing extraordinary about Ororo's day at the Mansion, and shortly after her work schedule had ended, she took the heavens (as she did most days), leaving the building and gathering the winds around her form, swirling gracefully into the air. Once airborne, she soared freely for some few hours before coming to convene with the Elements high above the school, and through her mutagenic connection to the weather, she endeavoured to relieve the clouds of their burden, made apparent to her as she tapped into nature’s essence. After a moment of silent contemplation, an explosion of lightning rocked the once tranquil conditions of the atmosphere above the school -- somewhat of a warning to those below that a storm was due. Such responsibilities were hers alone to tend to -- she did not just control the weather, but also assumed stewardship of it. Interpreting the locality’s weather pattern had revealed to her the possibility of precipitation at some point during the evening, but her presence had unveiled the dire need for premature rainfall; the clouds became saturated with moisture, and so it fell to Ororo to alleviate the strain in order to preserve the programme predetermined by the laws of the natural order.Thunder roiled high in the heavens as the weather witch descended elegantly from the depths of the dark skies amidst a flurry of wind that stabilised her flight. The initial outburst of lightning had -- as it sometimes did -- summoned a crowd in the school grounds below that appeared to encourage the show, and it then occurred to her that her figurative cross to carry was not so much of a tiresome burden as it sometimes seemed, but that it was instead a divine gift bestowed upon her by the Bright Lady Oshtur herself. Her face tilted back as she became one with the fundamental forces of nature and silently instructed them to abide her bidding. Then, she spoke directly to it, almost as though it heeded her words. ”Lightning -- obey my command; split the skies and send forth the rain.” She called as her arms stretched upwards with elegance while she gestured to ‘tell’ the dark cloud that loomed overhead to begin its release. No, she did not just control the Elements -- she commanded them -- and they listened to her...As they always had done.Once the ostentatious pantomime of her convene with nature ended and she had returned to the ground, she retreated to her quarters to change her soaked clothes. She traded in her dampened outfit for her bedclothes, then partially dried her hair with a small towel that was tossed carefully into a green, wicker wash basket at the rear end of her bedroom beneath the bay window. Now somewhat dry, she wrapped her hair inside a traditional Kenyan hairpiece and left the room to venture to one of the recreation rooms used by school faculty on the floor. Once there, she entered and spent some minutes by the island of the kitchenette, fixing herself a mug of Peruvian blonde, before finding a seat on the window ledge where she intended to remain for as long possible as to unwind to the sound of the pouring rain.
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