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 Tommy Shepherd, Speed | Heroes | 19
Tommy Shepherd
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Thomas "Tommy" ShepherdPlayed by Vini UeharaGeneral InformationCitizenship: United States of AmericaLanguages: English; SarcasmPlace of Birth: New York, NYCurrent Location: Springfield, NJ; New York, NYOccupation: Unwilling StudentAffiliations: Young AvengersSpeedHeroesMaleBisexual1902/17/995'8"168 lbsAppearanceEye Color: Light BrownHair Color: WhiteDistinguishing Features: Unwittingly had matching piercings before meeting Billy, a couple ill-advised tattoos on his left forearm, horrifyingly dark eyebrows for how white his hair is. Also, yeah, naturally white hair on a 19-year-old. Not normal. PersonalityProtectiveStubbornSarcasticAssholeLikes: Shiny things; Fast things; Freedom; Sleeping in; Heat; Sarcasm; Being in charge; Pizza; Ice Cream; Bragging about how fast he is.Dislikes: SHIELD. He really fucking hates SHIELD. Waiting; Slow-moving people; Small spaces; Locked Rooms; Needles; Reading; Sappy movies; Being reminded of his past.Dreams: Prove he's the fastest super-human in the world. Make a reputation for himself personally as Tommy Shepherd as something other than an ex-con. Fears: Being returned to Super Jail is his biggest fear. Additionally, Tommy fears never being recognized for anything other than his less-than-nice past: he wants to prove to the world he's not the delinquent asshole anymore, he's just an asshole.. Abilities & SkillsEnhanced Physiology for Supersonic SpeedOverview: Capable of speeds exceeding Mach 4 (3,069 miles per hour) without breaking a sweat, Tommy's body might look much like that of an ordinary human, but his entire biology is specifically and deliberately calculated to protect itself at the immense speeds he can run at. Everything from his eyes to his skin is specifically encoded by genetics to protect him from the immense friction that running as supersonic speeds can generate. Immune from gravity, friction, and inertia while travelling at immense speeds, Tommy is Supersonic Speed: Tommy's top speed is unknown. He can, if he is willing to truly push himself, achieve Hypersonic Speeds (in excess of 3,800 miles per hour) - though such experiments lead to Tommy feeling exhausted and sluggish for extended periods of time afterwards. His average "working" speed as a hero, somewhere around 1,700 miles per hour, is roughly comparable with the speed of a bullet being fired from a gun. Superhuman Stamina: His vastly increased stamina allows him to run at peak capacity for several hours before his body begins to produce fatigue toxins when he is in peak condition. Superhuman Agility/Reflexes: When one frequently moves at speeds three times that of a commercial airliner, one needs to be able to react and respond in millionths of a second to potential obstacles. Gifted with incredible balance and remarkable flexibility, Tommy is further gifted with reflexes capable of keeping up with his immense speed - thus meaning good luck ever witnessing his not catching something you throw at him. He always catches it. Always. Only objects outside of his control - such as trip wires or suddenly moved objects right as he reaches them - can cause him to fall when moving at high speeds.Superhuman Durability: Moving in excess of hundreds - if not thousands - of miles per hour generates immense amounts of friction. Like "burn the skin and muscles off of your bones" if you're not specifically encoded for it. Thankfully, Tommy is specifically encoded for it, his body is immensely durable to friction and against minor impact forces - though he can still be shot, stabbed, or injured if the object is moving at a sufficient speed.Accelerated Perception and Accelerated Time Scale: Tommy's brain is specifically hard-wired to work at high speeds - even when travelling thousands of miles per hour, the world seems to be moving in slow motion to Tommy, allowing him time to react and interact with people and things without their ever having the chance to see him. His brain perceives time on a 1:10 scale, meaning that every one second for a normal human or mutant seems like 10 to Tommy. This is part of his fierce, burning hatred for slow people and for waiting for anything - it literally feels like torture to Tommy. Superhuman Strength: While not specifically a power of his, thanks to the immense speeds he moves at, Tommy's muscles are incredibly powerful - allowing him to easily lift a ton when using his legs, and around 800 pounds when using his arms.Molecular AccelerationOverview: A side-effect of his superhuman speed abilities, Tommy possesses a secondary mutation allowing him to control the speed of hyper-kinetic molecular vibrations in objects. Hyper-Kinetic Molecular Acceleration: It's basic chemistry that molecules vibrate at a certain, set rate for each and every element. Tommy can control the vibration of molecules in objects - raising or lowering it at will if he is touching the object, and can increase the speed of the molecular vibrations to the point where matter will fly apart. Put it another way - he can make things explode by touching them if he wants. Intangibility: An additional side-effect of his molecular acceleration abilities is that Tommy can control the speed of molecular vibration within his own body, thus allowing him to pass through solid objects. It is, however, a very difficult and very tiring process, so he tries to avoid doing it unless utterly necessary.WeaknessesSkillsTommy's performance as a speedster is entirely dependent upon his feeding his Superhuman metabolism. He is almost constantly eating if he's not on patrol - and manages to never gain a pound as his body essentially incinerates thousands of calories to fuel his running. As a result, if Tommy is kept from eating for too long - or from sleeping - his abilities begin to suffer, leading to his becoming less coordinated, less fast, and less of the hero he's trying to be. Tommy's biggest weakness, however, is his absolute, incredible, and astounding impatience. Waiting for something even for a few seconds drives him into a frenzy of irritation and cursing (in his thick New Jersey accent, of course). Used to the world turning on his terms and at his speeds, when he is forced to wait for something - be it food, service as a store, in line, or for a rendezvous of the Young Avengers - he is practically frothing at the mouth in indignation and fury. He is also an incredibly blunt, incredibly sarcastic young man, which can lead to his being viewed as caustic, heartless, and insensitive towards people and circumstances. He's actually not - it's just a mixture of his impatience, his sarcasm, and his being raised in New Jersey.Talented Thief: Tommy's life of crime might be over, but he maintains the skills of a master (superpowered) thief thanks to years of work as one prior to his being sent to Super Jail. He's stolen his fair share (and more besides) of things over the years, and still - at times - possesses something of itchy fingers, which he usually sates by just stealing something of the other Young Avengers' before returning it.Fast-Talking: Not physically fast, mind you. Tommy has a silver tongue, very useful for getting himself out of sticky situations, honed by years of having to talk in his own defense due to the apathy and enmity of his adoptive parents. He is very talented at talking circles around people to throw them mentally off balance to get himself out of trouble - and maintains an almost unnatural skill at it.Escape Artist: Over his life of crime, Tommy served time in a dozen juvenile detention facilities - escaping from each and every one of them, even before his powers manifested. He has a remarkable talent for coming up with recklessly spontaneous plans that allow him to escape from confinement, thus further underscoring his talent as a thief. Since the emergence of his powers, escaping from normal prisons or detention facilities has been - essentially - a cakewalk for him. BackstoryConnectionsParents: Franklin "Frank" Shepherd (Adoptive Father), Mary Shepherd (Adoptive Mother), Unknown birth parentsSiblings: William "Billy" Kaplan, Biological Twin BrotherOther Relatives: N/ARelationship Status: Single, Ready to MingleRelationship: N/AClose Friends: Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman, Kate Bishop, Eli Bradley, Cassie LangTeammates/Co-Workers: Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman, Kate Bishop, Eli Bradley, Cassie LangRivals/Enemies: Anyone who tries to get lippy with him, in addition to the typical villains and criminals and whatnot.Timeline Born on February 17, 1999, Tommy was separated from his twin brother Billy shortly after birth when their birth parents surrendered them for adoption. Tommy was adopted by Franklin and Mary Shepherd of Springfield, New Jersey, and raised by them as their only child, with no hint of his being adopted. Frank and Mary Shepherd did not have a happy marriage. Most of Tommy's earliest memories are marked by their fights - of things being thrown, of voices raised, and of a house falling apart around him as his parents fought almost nightly. Reacting to the bitterness and the hatred his parents were feeling, Tommy began to develop a cold, harsh aloofness towards the world - guarding himself with bitterness and sarcasm and spitefulness. Tommy was a terror to his fellow classmates at school, frequently bullying them and doing his best to make them miserable in an effort to distract from his own misery. His parents' divorce when he was seven only made Tommy worse - to the point where he began to serve detentions and suspensions at least once a week. His mother won custody in the divorce, and Tommy grew to resent her powerfully - due to how she fussed over him, and tried to pretend nothing had happened. As a means of acting out, Tommy began to engage in petty theft - being caught stealing from a store when he was ten years old, earning him his first court appearance. Tommy Shepherd was sentenced, at age 11, to serve eighteen months in a Juvenile Detention Facility in Essex, New Jersey. By the end of seven months, he had managed to escape - going to ground with a group in Newark who helped him become an even more accomplished thief. At fourteen, serving time in the Juvenile Medium Security Facility in Bordentown, New Jersey, he met Lisa Molinari - an attractive young woman also serving time in the facility. The pair developed a friendship, and something resembling a romantic relationship before Tommy was able to escape in the third month of his sentence. Tommy was fifteen when his powers manifested, allowing him to escape from police following a botched heist of an art gallery in Trenton. His once brown hair had become snow-white - and, for awhile, he took to dyeing it in order to attract less attention, though that came to an end following his eventual arrest for yet another incident. At eighteen, Tommy got himself on SHIELD's radar. Having assumed a fake name to try and get back into school at his dad's request, Tommy wound up accidentally blowing up his High School when his secondary mutation manifested. Using his speed, he was able to recover all of the students within the exploding building before anyone could be killed - though he was shortly thereafter apprehended by SHIELD. Placed in a secured, classified facility, Tommy found himself unable to escape due to highly advanced security measures put in place on the facility, including power-dampening fields, advanced robotic armor suits for guards, and immensely potent sedatives that left Tommy unable to access his powers. In this facility, Tommy was experimented on by the medical staff - with or without SHIELD's knowledge - in an effort to harness his powers in an effort to create a weapon. He vividly remembers the experiments - because his doctors never checked if their dosages on the drugs were correct, leaving Tommy conscious through them. Several months after his imprisonment, Tommy was busted out of the facility by the newly formed Young Avengers due to their requiring a speedster - and somehow finding out about him. He had to almost physically be pulled off of the guards and the doctors who had experimented on him on the way out, through. Grudgingly, he helped the bunch of goodie-two-shoes with what they needed, and had been wholly prepared to go his own way before - for some stupid reason beyond his comprehending - he decided to stick around and help them for some dumb ass reason. Adopting the codename "Speed," Tommy has somewhat awkwardly settled into his new life as a hero and as someone who's not a professional thief - and that mostly means squatting at whoever's got room on their couch this week while forging the requisite transcripts and information to get himself into NYU alongside his newly rediscovered twin brother (though he has yet to admit he agrees they're twins) and "accidentally" making sure any trace of his criminal record was "accidentally" deleted the last time he made a lightning trip to Jersey. No, Mrs. Kaplan, he doesn't know why the fire in your fireplace was made up of manila folders of documents.OOC InformationNoah20'sHe/Him/HisEST/GMT-5RP Sample:Waiting was never something Tommy Shepherd had enjoyed. Even before his super speed had manifested, he’d always been fidgety and impatient and short-tempered. Drumming his fingers intently on the surface of the desk, his eyes shot back and forth from the clock on the wall of the lecture hall, to his watch, to his professor’s face, and back and forth in an endless cycle – his entire body practically vibrating in anticipation as the stupid old bastard continued to lecture in his nasal, annoying tone about the Ancient Greeks. “Who gives two shits, c’mon, c’mon!” Tommy was practically mentally screaming at the professor. At last, the second hand on the clock hit the 12 at the top, and Tommy was out of his seat almost inhumanly fast – barely keeping a handle on his powers as he seized his bookbag and his notebook, moving at what was (to him) a torturously slow pace as he jogged at perfectly human speeds out of the room, down the flight of stairs by the lecture hall, and into the ground floor bathroom – locking the door behind him. “Fucking Shit that took forever,” He groaned to himself as he unzipped his backpack, cramming his notebook carelessly in – the fact every page was still blank showing you how much he cared about his ‘Western Humanities’ class as he kicked off his shoes in the bathroom, his left hand moving to start yanking off his t-shirt as his right fished out the flatteringly tight silver and green costume from the depths of his bag. Muttering darkly in his thick Jersey accent all the while, he quickly changed from his street clothes to his superhero costume – taking a quick second to ruffle his white hair in the mirror before pulling up the half-cowl over his neck and head, and pressing the orange-tinted goggles into place. Smirking at his reflection, he seized his backpack, unlocked the door – and before the door had even fully opened itself, was speeding through the hallway of the class building, out its front door, and along the city streets of New York – the world seeming to move like snails around him as he sped faster than a human eye could follow, first back to the apartment he was crashing at this week to drop off his backpack full of clothes, and then to the rendezvous point they’d all set up for patrol.He skidded to a halt, his heels leaving actual skid marks on the concrete of the roof they had all selected as the door to the stairwell slammed closed after he had sped through it and the thirty feet of distance across the roof. His hair continued to shake and tousle in the wind as he licked thoughtfully at the ice cream cone he had, perhaps, not paid for. “So now that the real party’s here,” He announced somewhat smugly to his teammates, “we can get started.” He winked shamelessly at Kate before shifting to lean absently against Billy as if his twin were a wall to support him. “What first, Witch Boy?”
played by Tom - He/Him - EST - mature threads?: Yes - contact: Discord/PM/Cbox -
Odd Tom
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