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 When God comes back, :: Hulk
Avengers · 3 Posts
Posted on: May 12 2018, 03:36 AM
Played by Filly · immortal · Thor
Prince of Asgard, Protector of Midgard, God of Thunder
His friend was not difficult to find. Hulk was quite large and quite green. Not even nature-green, but glowing neon green. Easy to spot even in a forest, or maybe that was because he left such a massive trail behind him, and flocks of birds rose up and animals scattered for miles around, signaling his position from great distance. Thor swung Mjolnir about, following the trail.

"Ah! Banner. There you are. I was looking all over for you... Ah..." He stopped short as he looked around a tree to see the entirety of Hulk. "I see I have caught you at an inopportune moment." Alas, he'd caught Hulk about to go for a swim, or relieving himself, for he had no clothes.

Avengers · 9 Posts
Posted on: May 13 2018, 11:54 PM
Played by Alex · 48 · Hulk
Scientist, Avengers
"I'm always angry."
He doesn’t bathe so much as explore the water. Hulk has no interest in cleanliness beyond being able to admire his face and his few scars (not many enemies ever had the opportunity to leave a mark) but he enjoys swimming. In this case he’s wading, the water waist-deep in his darkest depths but most of it didn’t rise past his shins.

He’s moving rocks around, or rather, gigantic boulders around. There’s still ice clinging to the waters surface in areas but he doesn’t seem bothered by it. Instead he’s engaged in the task at hand, arranging the stones deliberately along certain areas of the river.

When Thor calls out to him, Hulk jumps in surprise. The brute startles, recognizing the man at once and the name on his lips. He seethes in reaction, ”No Banner, only Hulk!!” He charges the god, but Thor would know this was only a bluff. Hulk knew Thor well, for he was the least puny among the Avengers besides Hulk himself. He’s not going to scare because he knows he can take a punch from him. He’s just about the only one who can.

Predictably he stops short, and even maintains a respectable distance. He’s unsure about this still. He sniffs in rebuke and thumbs his nose. ”What does puny god want?”
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