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Welcome to Marvel: Ascension!

This a no word count, Marvel RP site inspired by the Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. A fresh start separate from both the comics or the MCU, there will be multiple storylines unfolding for players to participate in!

All canon characters must come from the 616 comics or MCU but as long as the core spirit and traits of the character remains intact, you have freedom to adapt them to how you see them fitting into this world!

may 20
New skin is live! Please bear with us while we work out any kinks, especially in regards to board descriptions.
apr 06
The April Adventures have begun!
mar 28
Sign-Ups for the April Adventures have gone up!
mar 19
Thanos makes his first apperance on Ascension in the one-shot "Between Life & Death". Read it HERE!
mar 12
Marvel: Ascension has launched!

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